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Anna Greenberger - August 24, 1982


An interview with Anna Greenberger, a Holocaust survivor, conducted by Kay Roth. Anna Greenberger was born in Koromla, Czechoslovakia in 1924, and moved to Sobrance, Czechoslovakia soon after. During the Hungarian occupation, her father was taken to a labor camp in Russia and her fiancé was forced to serve in the Hungarian Army. After the German occupation of Hungary in 1944, Anna, her mother and her four sisters were forced into the Uzhgorod ghetto. Two months later they were transferred to Auschwitz where they stayed until August. Then Anna and her family were transferred to Lübberstedt, a forced labor camp, where they manufactured ammunition. After liberation by the British while on a death march, Anna spent time in a typhoid hospital in Neustadt before returning to Sobrance with her family. In Sobrance she was reunited with her fiancé, married him and started a family before moving to Israel. From Israel, her family moved to Rome and to Paraguay before settling in the United States in 1955.

  1. Introduction
  2. Family
  3. Germans Invade Sobrance
  4. Hiding From Germans
  5. Pretending to be Gentile
  6. Avoiding Affections of German Officer
  7. Life Under German Occupation
  8. Fiancé in the Army
  9. Moving to Uzhgorod Ghetto
  10. Cleaning Police Station in the Ghetto
  11. Transport to Auschwitz
  12. Getting Separated from Family
  13. Talking to Dr. Mengele
  14. Hygiene in Auschwitz
  15. Getting Settled into Barracks
  16. Appell
  17. Getting Chosen to Work
  18. Leaving Auschwitz
  19. Arrival at Lübberstedt
  20. Life in Forced Labor Camp
  21. Food in Camp
  22. Stealing in Camp
  23. Evacuating Camp
  24. Transport out of Lübberstedt
  25. SS Leave Prisoners
  26. Trying to Survive without SS Guards
  27. Life After Liberation
  28. Having Typhoid
  29. Staying in a Typhoid Hospital
  30. Staying in a Typhoid Hospital 2
  31. Escaping from the Typhoid Hospital
  32. Starting to Travel Back Home
  33. Hearing News of Fiancé
  34. Coming Home
  35. Getting Married
  36. Starting New Life in Sobrance
  37. Husband Volunteers for the Haganah
  38. Life in Israel
  39. Leaving Israel
  40. Life in Rome
  41. Buying Passports to South America
  42. Arriving in Argentina
  43. Moving to Paraguay
  44. Finding Work in Paraguay
  45. Life in Paraguay
  46. Working in Paraguay
  47. Working for Ex-Nazis
  48. Planning to Move to the United States
  49. Getting Permission to Leave Paraguay
  50. Witnessing an Accident
  51. Standing Up to an Ex-Nazi
  52. Arriving in the United States
  53. Fate of Sisters
  54. Health After Camp
  55. Being Teased by SS Guards
  56. Contempt for Germans
  57. Conclusion

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