Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Anna Greenberger - August 24, 1982

Life in Israel

So we went to Israel. And Israel was at that time horrible. We went to ???. My mother came, and Erica. No water, no electricity, snakes, scorpions. It was horrible. Alex didn't go in already in the army because it was almost end of the war. But he went to--for a cook in the army. He was a army cook. And I was with my mother a farmer. My mother said, "How could you do that?" First of all, she was sick. She wasn't feeling well. Erica was a baby--a little girl. It was terrible. Somebody from here came to visit to Israel and they came to Igzim ??? and they saw that we have a horrible, uh, we didn't have money to buy bread. It was horrible. There was a young man in the army who longed always--I borrowed money from him. We always paid him back. And uh, he--that guy--man, he was Alex's ex-brother-in-law. He lived in New York. And he came here and he called up my sister in Toronto. So the end was, they didn't--you want to...

No, I--no, go ahead. I just making sure that the tape--there's plenty.

Yeah. Uh, so uh, uh, what happened, my--rest of the sister, they--I wrote that it's very hard and so they didn't want to come. So I got stuck there with Erica, my mother and I. And it was very, very hard. If we would had go to a city, to Haifa, we would have stayed there. But Igzim, the first people who went there, they took all the big homes. All the uh, they got all the offices, everything. And we came, we had a broken house. Nothing. So that, his ex-brother-in-law called Toronto and he said, "Edith, you have to do something. Don't let your mother and your sister live there because they are starving." They--and that's true. We didn't have what to eat.

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