Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Anna Greenberger - August 24, 1982

Witnessing an Accident

And he ate and he said he never ate such a good meal like--we were invited to his house too, but they had a Paraguayan cook uh, so. And he brought his son also and he wanted to do something nice for us. So he said, if we want to take some food for Alex to the factory--sausage factory--he had a car, so he will take us there. So we went--my mother Erica I and a Jewish--another girl who lived there. The Barry moved in a bigger house and we took uh, in another couple. And uh, we took for Alex food in that uh, San Lorenzo. And we didn't know that Alex isn't there. He was coming to us on Asunción and he crossed us. He was coming home and we were going there and it was at night. And we went there and that uh, the man who was working in the factory, he knew that Alex went to us in Asunción and he didn't tell us. And then we went and I was yelling, "Alexander! Alexander!" you know, they--and nobody answered. So we got scared. We went back to the house--to ???--and he says he doesn't know where Alexander is. We went back and there was a little light and we didn't know what there and they were digging a well. And that man--he didn't want me to go before him. He said he will lead to go first. And then, and he made a step and he fell in the--fell and he died before our eyes. He was fifty-three years old. We started to scream. My mother was dying. Her blood pressure went up to three hundred fifty. Here uh, we don't know what to do. We don't know where Alex is. The police came and the army came and they took the--they took him out. And he would have be alive uh, instrument in the well and he hit here. A little bit and he uh, he died instantly. Well, it was already before we had to leave to United States--American. His wife--we had to bring--we go already with the police car to Asunción and Alex is coming. He was looking for us all over, he didn't know what happened. And we were screaming and crying and, and, and, and uh, Alex came down. Uh, they came right away, the police--they took that man to Asunción. They had to call Argentina--his wife. His wife wanted to shoot me. He--she thought that he uh, is my boyfriend. He had an affect...like the other girl, you know, she was a beautiful girl who came with us, but he didn't have an affair with her. He just, he just liked her. And she wanted to shoot us, me first. And they told us--somebody came we shouldn't dare go to the funeral. And we shouldn't go out on the street. We locked the door, imagine. So that was one thing.

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