Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Anna Greenberger - August 24, 1982

Life Under German Occupation

So the Germans were coming and going. It's uh, they weren't staying in one place. So it was Passover and April 17 they uh, put out leaflets that the Jewish should pack the Jews everything and that we are going away. We didn't know nothing what's going on. We knew that uh, people from Slovak, you know, two kilometers, they were uh, escaping to Sobrance, but uh, whoever was caught they put 'em in jail and we ha...we took food there and whatever we could. And I was going freely because uh, I was blonde, so I wasn't afraid on the street. Once uh, a German was pulling me by my arm, but uh, I went--I mean, I--he couldn't do nothing, it was on the street. So I was there by that family 'til April 17 'til they told us to pack whatever we can. We didn't have what to pack anyways. We just made a little bread and stuff and everything and uh, packed and uh, they took us in the Jewish shul.

Did you go with your sisters and your mom?

My mother--all five of us together.

Back together again.

Yes, back together and my aunt with the twins and uh, the rest of the family--the relatives lived all over. My husband--we were engaged. I was sixteen years old when I got engaged with Alex. But he went also in the army in 1939 or 1940. Uh, there everybody had to go to the army, regardless it...


...was war or not.

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