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Anna Greenberger - August 24, 1982

Hearing News of Fiancé

And there was Russians. So Russians raped girls. And Jewish boys came and they were standing guard. And we were in the hotel, Hotel ???, and uh, we couldn't go out on the streets because the Russians were raping everybody. So he wouldn't let the Russians up, so they, they were beating up the Jewish boys like anything. Then finally, from there--we couldn't go not to the toilet, no place. So we went--somehow they took us to the train and we were walking and going all over, the places were bombed. And we came finally we came to Košice, Košice you know already where it is ???. And there I heard from somebody that a Greenberger came home. But I didn't know that it's Alex or my father. He didn't know that--he said, "A Greenberger is home and has a business already," because my father was a butcher also and Alex, and Alex's father and my grandfather. So uh, we, we were there. From there we couldn't get to Sobrance. We wanted to go home finally when we heard that uh, you know, everybody wanted to meet somebody home. So when we came home we didn't find nobody. We heard that my father died. He was thirty-nine years old. He had typhoid. The man who was with him was a witness. We were still home. He died in--he was thirty-nine years old. We were still--before concentration camp--he was already dead, but we didn't know. And we came home, Alex was home. My husband--he had already business with a partner who are in uh, Los Angeles, ???. And Alex's brother was in Yugoslavian People Army--you heard about Tito--he was in his army, partisan. And one brother who is now in California, he was home. He was in Russian camp. He was the youngest uh, survivor from Alex's...

[interruption in interview]

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