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Anna Greenberger - August 24, 1982

Getting Married

And uh, we didn't know where to live, we didn't have where to live. So uh, my brother-in-law who was in the People's Army--he was in Czech part and uh, they got, uh, the Czech uh, government gave everybody businesses. So he had a movie theater and he had a slaughterhouse and everything. So Edith, who is in Toronto and Judy, he took them in. Like Judith was uh, Edith was the bookkeeper and uh, she cooked, and Judith was in the store, because she helped for my father too, I helped too. And she was a very, she was a poor girl, she hasn't a ???, but she was like a devil. So they went back there and uh, I had remained with Irene in uh, Sobrance. So it was end of August and uh, so September 3rd was, I got married. I was the first wedding in the whole--it was so many people. All the Jewish boys from the army, partisans and all the survivors, everybody came. My mother cooked thirty-five--baked thirty-five big cakes like this and Gentile people gave us uh, I even ???. He is in New York. He has a ???. ??? he gave a sack of ???. He had been underground in another family--Gentile--they give us everything. I had a very big wedding by my, my mother. I'll never stop crying. After my father she never remarried. And then she developed very high blood pressure. She had three hundred fifty blood pressure. She lived with me. It was very big wedding. And uh, the music was free--they didn't want money. And uh, we got uh, butter and frui...apples and milk and poppy seed, everything, eggs. People brought us everything, so my mother cooked and baked. And it was a kosher uh, supper and it was a not kosher because we had already lots of customers. And everybody came to the wedding. People brought flowers. It was so many flowers in the hall and from Košice from Uzhgorod from all over. Everybody was hungry. People were hungry. So we had two halls. That Schwartz Hall and a ???. Another Jewish uh, they--one come, one the son came home but he, he got senile. He isn't--I don't know if he's still alive. He went to medical school but he got crazy. So there was--and the music played 'til morning. They wouldn't take a penny.

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