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Anna Greenberger - August 24, 1982

Getting Chosen to Work

But I kept myself always--I was never skinny, and Edith wasn't skinny. She was a year older and we were blonde and uh, pretty face. I had beautiful skin and Edith--so we decided that we divide when Mengele will come and the other one--what was her name--it was another one who was working with Mengele--???--but I forgot her name. So when he picked us to work, I was the first one and we decided that always the--who looks still good after so many weeks will be the first. And we put one skinny between us and then the mother and then Irene because we thought Irene is the youngest and if my mother will be picked out not to work, we didn't know that they will kill them. So Irene should remain with my mother, that my mother shouldn't be alone, and we go. But luckily, he liked me, Mengele. First of all, they thought that we belong to a Gentile uh, that our aunts and sisters because we are blonde. We didn't look like Jewish, you know. So he said that I look very nice and, and I had very nice body. So my mother started to cry already. She was already afraid that he will take me out. But he didn't. He--I was the first and then was, I think, Judy. Then was my mother, then was Edith. I think this made it up. And all five we were chosen to work. So already, that we were chosen to work, we, we knew that we go out from there. Excuse me, may I go?


They took us and we were...

[interruption in interview]

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