Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Anna Greenberger - August 24, 1982

Contempt for Germans

I me...I called Rabbi Rosenbaum and I told him once. Because if he--when he made the speech about that people in ???, you know who saved the four Jewish kids?


I give 'em credit and they deserve credit. But me...very few Kay, very few deserve credit. And I told Rabbi Rosenbaum, I said, "You know, I never forgive the Germans. Never. What they did to our families, to little kids." I said, "Just because we are Jews. I never forgive 'em. Never. Unforgivable." When I shop something I always look if it's from Germany. Three years ago we went to Czechoslovakia and I was very angry because I didn't want to go through Germany. But on the way back we had to. We didn't--we couldn't get another flight. And when they looked through our luggage, I mean it's, it's all right that they look, you know, but how they look, I felt like kicking them. You know, but I didn't even answer. And when we go to Czechoslovakia, in every last town they speak German because it's lots of German tourists. And when they say to us, "Guten Tag," I said, "We speak English." I would never answer them. So when uh, now in the hospital, in Ann Arbor always, they all thought that I am German. I don't know because the name or something. But I got very angry.

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