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Anna Greenberger - August 24, 1982



And we lived there 'til the time 'til we were taken to concentration camp, uh, you want to know, we had--my father was a butcher. We had kosher and not kosher store--butcher store. And uh, my father was most of the time in the army because he was very young; he was eighteen years old when he got married and most of the time he was in the army. Matter of fact he went in, in the army--first in the Czechoslovakia 'til we were occ...'til we were occupied with the Hungarian army. They transferred him from the Czech army to the Hungarian army. Until they didn't disgrade, disgraded--how you say--they took down the uniform and they put him in labor camp.


He was real young, because when he died he was thirty-nine years old in Russia, in a labor camp. He had five typhoid.

What was his name?

Uh, my uh, my maiden name was also Anna Grunberger. Uh, Grunberger was Alex's name too, but we changed it here because Grun is Green.


So we changed it here for Greenberger. But my maiden name was the same. Grunberger...


...Anna, A-n-n-a, as you know. So we lived there. We had the store 'til the Hungarian--'til the thing started--the Jewish, you know, how should I explain? They took everything away.


They took the stores, they took everything. We remained with my mother, the three my sisters and me.

Were you the oldest?

No, my oldest--older sister lives in Toronto and I have two more sisters in Czechoslovakia. We were all together in concentration camp, five of us.

So you...

We never, we never saw my father. When he went to Russia in 1942, we never saw him anymore. He was...

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