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Anna Greenberger - August 24, 1982

Staying in a Typhoid Hospital

And I started to eat. All the thirty...and my sis...nobody knew where I am. And it was Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and I didn't know where I am and I didn't know where my sisters were, nothing. Monday--so they brought in eat for thirty-two people. Nobody ate. Everything I ate--I ate everything. The nurse came and she said, "Wollen Sie haben?" You want to eat? I said, "Yes, ja." I ate one plate. She said, "Wollen Sie haben moch?" I said "Ja," she gave me. I ate and ate and ate and my stomach got like this and I didn't have a period--we didn't have a menstrual period for a year and I thought I explode. And beside what I ate I had a box and I saved there in that box food, all kinds of sandwiches. Chocolate. All the thirty-two who couldn't eat they all gave it to me. And they had boyfriends, you know, some German women. And I started to feel better, especially I ate. So Monday I hear somebody is yelling under the window "Ansi, Ansi." And I look and it's Edith. And she says, "Ansi, you're alive! We all thought that you are dead." I said, "Yes, I am alive." And she didn't recognize me already I--since few days I gained. She says, "Ansi, you look so different already, you gained weight." I said, "Edith, I have so much here to eat. If you want, I give you." And they didn't let in there nobody because it was a typhoid uh, hospital. She said, "Where you are it's Neustadt." It's like a new, a new--Neustadt. That was the name of a big city--it was a very big city. And we were stationed in Marine camps and that was a Red Cross hospital and Edith said, "That's Neustadt." And you know how she find me, she says "Ansi, we all thought that you're dead already." She was, every hospital she looked and she couldn't find me. She went to every hospital in Neustadt. And she was going on the street and crying and a lady in a white coat went to her and she said, "Why are you crying?" in German. She says, "I had one sister and uh, a English soldiers took her Thursday away and I want to know if she's dead or not. I don't know where she is. And the lady said, "What's her name?" And she said, "Anna Greenberger". And she said, "I am her doctor." She came there, that was that Monday, and I packed all I had--sandwiches and I had chocolate and I had sardines.

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