Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Anna Greenberger - August 24, 1982

Coming Home


So we came home and the Slovak--we had just a few schmates. And we were coming home from Košice. We came to Michalovce, from there we came with a horse but I don't know--through somebody we got a horse buggy. And we came--we had two collars, nothing really. I think we got it from JOINT or from another organization, and Slovak soldiers were moving around and he wanted to take away from us. And my--I was with Judith and she said, "Aren't you ashamed of yourself? We are coming home from concentration camp and you would take? That's all we have and you would take this away from us? Shame on you. You are a big nothing." And he didn't take it. So we came home. We didn't have where to go. So we went again to that Gentile family who was the nicest, really, in the whole town. And they were very happy to see us. She had uh, I remember bread and cucumber salad and I don't know where but uh, uh, then I heard that Alex home and he's living with three girls uh, you know, I knew the girls. We were engaged already before the war but uh, the girls took him in, so he was there. He didn't know that I am alive. And in the morning I could hardly--it was really early morning. We went to another--two girls came home--they are in New York, ??? girls, and we slept there I think. There was a big hole uh, you know ???, the ???. Ephraim and Marshall. They had a movie and they had a big dance hall and all the Jews came there. He really gave us to whoever came home on the floor and all over and we were occupied with the Russian allies. Oh the house, the house--a Gentile family took the house and they didn't want to go out. This I tell you too. So early in the morning I got up and I went to those three girls that Alex was and I uh, was--I hid behind the door and the girls said, "Guess who is here?" and he says, uh, he says uh, "Who, who is here?" So I came out, so you know how happy he was and it was a big reunion.

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