Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Anna Greenberger - August 24, 1982

Avoiding Affections of German Officer

So my mother was sending me with somebody, you know, in the back yard food there. I didn't want that. We are kosher here too but there it was stricter. It's not like here.

You were a religious family.

Yeah, like most of the Jewish--ninety-nine percent were uh, strictly, and especially we had a kosher butcher store. We didn't write, we didn't do nothing on Shabbos uh, there. So from there I went to a Jewish family. There were high Germans officers. Everybody had to take in officers. Our house was empty. They took everything, everything what we had uh, clothing, everything. They emptied out the first day the storm troopers--and they were just after my mother where we are, where did she send us and where did she send us and why, where we were--went. But she didn't--she wouldn't tell them. And uh, we wanted at least a coat or something. So that lady where we were first they were the nicest in the whole town to the Jewish people. So she went in to bring out something and they wanted to shoot her. So she came out. She didn't bring nothing. So I went to that Jewish family, their name was uh, ??? and uh, they had just one son and he spoke very good German, so they didn't know that they were Jewish. They were very high officers. And I had a babushka on my head and uh, my mother's wedding band. And uh, they thought uh, they didn't know that I'm Jewish and it was before seder so we couldn't go through the seder, nothing. And we were sitting there and one officer was just after me. He just wanted to know where I live and that uh, he feels sorry for me--he didn't know that I'm Jewish--and he will take me home and uh, he started to be very nice and we were very worried. I mean, that people who accepted me that they will take care--they told my mother she shouldn't worry. They, they guaranteed that nothing will happen to me. But he was just after me. So finally it was around twelve o'clock he went to sleep and then we went to the stable and uh, uh, you know, the cop who lived there was our--my father's uh, partners in business--they live in Los Angeles now. So she was a young woman, married woman also so she went in the stable. And uh, then I was afraid to stay there too, so I went back to that Gentile family who were--we were on the attic.

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