Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Anna Greenberger - August 24, 1982

SS Leave Prisoners

You think it was near the Danish border?

Yeah. When we arrived there my mother was very sick already and I was sick. I, I had thirst, not--when we arrived there, the Germans were pushing us in the trains. They wanted to kill us. But the civilian people already--the German people said we shouldn't go to the trains because it's end of the war and we shouldn't be afraid that the Germans will kill us. So we didn't go in the trains, we were outside. They surrounded us all over--still the SS. And they give--then we went to woods. We saw that they are running away already, the SS, but we didn't know what's going on, we didn't know where the rest of the people are, we didn't know nothing. So we went to the trains and, you know, we were robbing uh, breaking in, in stores. And I was sick already. I got sick. We got little packages already uh, we were, it was uh, well first they were breaking in--my--they broke in, in a bakery. And my mother took one bread. People were taking ten and twenty breads. Nobody took away. From my mother they took one bread away. So we didn't have nothing. You, Judith, when the trains were standing there and they, they came French prisoners and Russian prisoners and they broke all the trains. The trains were full with food. Full. And they didn't give us eat for days and days and days. So my sister saw a box that was a wooden box and it was written on it "Wurst," salami. And she thought it was, you know. She started to grab, I couldn't already do nothing. I started to be sick. Uh, when I ate the beets and then I ate something else, I had a poisoned stomach and then I got ty...typhoid. But I, I still, I wasn't in hospital. I was so sick. And my mother, her remained in ???. She was so sick she couldn't go any further and we were again evacuating to ???. ???. You can write any way you want. It was also--the German millionaires had their summer place, summer homes ???.

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