Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Anna Greenberger - August 24, 1982

Trying to Survive without SS Guards

We were evacuating but I was very sick. So she took that uh, it was before that--she took that box of wurst, she thought it's wurst. The girls were grabbi...grabbing from her and tearing her apart and she wouldn't let it go. She was all bloody and she holding on to that uh, box and we went to move it was pouring. And the rest people were making business with us, we should give wurst and they will give us bread and they will--and we opened the box and it was full with soap--??? soap. We were lucky. If it would be wurst we would all die. It was soap in it, ??? soap. That was the best soap for washing and it was a radio in it and we were afraid that it's a, you know, radio of--army radio, so we throwed it away and it was a liquor set and some sheets. So when we made like a tent because it was pouring. But we did--we put away that soap and they, they found another box with frozen fish and that's what people ate. I couldn't eat it. It was raw, frozen fish. So when we came to ???, I was very sick already. No, not ??? uh, we came to ???, uh, I was very sick already. I mixed it up. In ??? my mother was very sick already. And she wanted so much milk. She said if she would have a little milk she would give anything. So I was very sick already. I felt like a skeleton. And I went to the field with two more girls, one my sister and another girl. And we went to a German farm and I catched a cow and I milked a cow and if Germans would uh, caught me they would shoot me, but we didn't care. And I brought for my mother a whole pail of uh, milk. From there they took her to a sanatorium because she was very sick.

The SS?

Uh, no, we were liberated May 5 by the English army.

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