Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Anna Greenberger - August 24, 1982

Starting to Travel Back Home

My mother was waiting for me. And when I was walking, who I meet? The doctor--that lady doctor. But she didn't say nothing. She thought I was discharged. So I go to my mother and we didn't know the way how to get back to the barracks and I was afraid that they will look for me because it was a typhoid uh, hospital. But they didn't and I--we went to the barracks and I was very sorry because we were still not going home and I had there so much food and we didn't have what to eat. So poor my mother--should rest in peace--she went to German to the fields, and she took out small potatoes what they planted for the following year. And once a German was running after her with a gun. And she came and whatever she could, strawberries or whatever we could steal--find on the fields. That's what we did. So we were there still uh, quite a fe...'til end of August. In May we were liberated and end of August the people were going home already. I think we were the last ones for--because of me. And all the trains were bombed. We couldn't get no place. We were walking and we were going and it was--took days and days. I'm sure I left out many things. When we arrived to Czechoslovakia, the Czech people were very nice to us. They were waiting on every station with donuts and coffee. But when we came to Slovak, you know, because it's Czech and Slovak. It's Czechoslovakia--the Slovaks were the Hlinka Guard--these--they were uh, working with the Germans. Nobody gave us even a glass of water. They said why did we come home. That more Jews came home like they left. That's what they were telling us. So we came to a city and we divided, because they were the Jewish organizations were waiting and they were giving some clothes and some money. So my mother and two sisters went through Budapest, and I went with two sisters--no, with one sister a different way. And they stationed us in a hotel in Slovak. That was already Bratislava. That was a--in Slovak uh, state.

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