Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Anna Greenberger - August 24, 1982

Being Teased by SS Guards

Anything else you want to say or should I turn the machine off?

I'm sure I left something from concentration camp, but I, I can't really, you know, sometimes I think so many things come in my mind. And I just, you know, you black out. You don't remember how many things we went through. Concentration. Yeah, I didn't finish but I got uh, one German doctor how his uh, when we were evac...evacuating we were very hungry. And some--see the Wehrmacht soldiers were better, like, they weren't the SS. The Wehrmacht they didn't let to the front. They didn't rely on them. They weren't reliable somehow. They didn't trust. They, they weren't trustful. So when we were standing on a place with the train by evacuating, they put red cabbages out on the--like they were fence. And they put on every fence a half of red cabbage that we should be able to take it, you know. Because if they catch us, they kill us. We couldn't go. So I said to the SS woman that I want--I have to go to bring water in the, you know, we have big uh, these spots for water. So I went down with the soldiers. They were coming with me. And I took two cabbages and pushed in that camp. You know, when you're hungry, you risk your life. And I put two cabbages in and water and came out. So I came up and there was beets some place. I don't know also outside. And Judy she was crying constantly. See, not everybody can stand the hunger the same way--the starvation. She was always--I make you a coffee cake, okay?

No, it's okay.

No, I put out.

No go ahead and finish.

No, I put out coffee now. And uh, not everybody can take the starvation. She was constantly crying. Constantly. She was so skinny. So she picked up three beets or four. And the German SS doctor came and started to slap her, you know. And I couldn't stand it, so I pushed him away. Imagine. When I pushed him away from her he slapped me. That was the only uh, I think one small I was slapped over the--he was slapping me. And I thought to myself, once in my life, if I would--you know, that's why Kay. You know, I--you Jewish, I don't even take this ???.

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