Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Anna Greenberger - August 24, 1982

Life in Paraguay

She went to a, a store. The man was from Polish Germany--from the border--and his wife was a Ukrainian Jewish people. He recognized in Paraguay uh, that, not Mengele, the other guy who was uh, shot.


Bormann. Yeah, they were all there when we were there. Bormann and Mengele, and everybody. And we saw him on television, because he recognized Bormann on the streets, so they were shooting his store and it was here on television. His name was uh, Walsh. ???. And I said, "Alex, look who is on television." My God, believe--he had a room with...without windows and he rented us that room. It was so filthy. They didn't have water. Erica got very sick. We didn't have money to go to the doctor. We could...that was before I got, I got a job already. So I bought a little milk, one bread and a dozen bananas a day. That's how much money I made. And Alex couldn't find a job. And that Walsh had a business already and uh, his boss, with him he was businessing was a Nazi--a German--???. And uh, they were so--Jewish people, but they were so filthy that the two boys had uh, from filth what you have that itch.


Not lice. I don't know how to--it's itches, like little rash from the filth. It was filthy. We drink water. The dogs drink from that water and the cats and everything and we had this--because it wasn't water there. So we were there. It was million cockroaches and uh, my mother-- should rest in peace--I was working there. So that guy from Czechoslovakia who helped us, he said, "Ansi, you know how to cook and you know how to bake, I find you a job." I said, "Okay." ??? his name--Barry. He is in Brooklyn.

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