Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Anna Greenberger - August 24, 1982

Food in Camp

What kind of songs?

German. And uh, I have--we have very good voice. My older sister, ???, has a beautiful voice. Because we sing so nice, so sometimes she gave us a piece of bread--the German SS woman. She was--once they took us when they were losing the war already. They took us in the hall--there was a hall where we were standing Appell everyday--they were counting everyday the people and we didn't know what's happening. Some people they just picked and they beat them up to half to death, for no reason. This way we were lucky. I was beaten up once from a German doctor. Uh, that will be later. So they took us all in one--that uh, hall. And I saved up for myself everyday a little bread. I had to have it in the morning. My sister Judy she even--daytime we were working and nighttime we were in the bunkers the whole night, because they were bombing Bremen and Hamburg and it was close. And I say, uh, she gave me a bite at night and I give her one bite in the morning, because I couldn't stand it not to have some breakfast to eat something. So I saved up maybe, I don't know how many thin slices. We got sometimes a little jam, and when they put us in that hall. So my mother says, "Ansi, they will kill us anyhow, so divide the bread between us five and we'll eat it." I said, "No, mother." I said, "I saved it up from my bread." I said, "You all ate it up, I, I don't want to give from my bread. It's my bread." But I felt bad so I gave a bite for everybody and the rest I ate up myself. I ate it up and they didn't kill us. So I was sorry that I ate it up, that I didn't leave for uh, next time maybe we don't have what to eat.

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