Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Anna Greenberger - August 24, 1982

Leaving Auschwitz


Somebody gave me a piece of rag, and that's how I was wearing--no shoes, nothing. So uh, we went uh, all again--they took us again to the same place where the crematorium was to bathe, uh. I don't remember if they've uh, they had water or not, but there men who were working outside, they said, "Do you know that they are taking you to crematorium to burn you?" And we didn't pay any attention, we didn't believe them. So they took us to that place everybody--and just our luck, they were bombing--bomb, you know, the Germany, so we couldn't leave the same day. So again, we were afraid that, again, they will take us back to the barracks. And then we stuck again. And I never forget, this I, I have to tell in between that what we saw in Auschwitz uh, when we were outside and I saw Russian prisoners in Auschwitz. They were crawling on the ground like snakes. They looked like death. Men. I never forget. They didn't fe...give them to eat nothing. They didn't give to eat--nobody, Uh, but they were crawling like snakes, people. Unbelievable.

Like they were crazy, or?

No, they were skin and bone. Just like...

They couldn't walk.

They couldn't walk. They were like skeletons--men. So from there, we waited 'til next day. We didn't know what's going on, but then finally the trains came. The same trains and we went to work, all five of us. We were the happiest people on earth. So we were going--I don't know how many days and we arrived to Germany. The place was Lübberstedt.

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