Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Anna Greenberger - August 24, 1982

Staying in a Typhoid Hospital 2

And those boyfriends who came to give letters for the women, I was walking already so I took to the window everything and they brought me peaches and plums--canned--because the men they ripped off the Germans, they took jewelry, they took uh, clothes, they took from homes everything what they could get hand on, you know, free. They give two or three days free that people can go to German homes and take whatever they want. But we were all sick, so we couldn't. So they brought-- I had all and I gave Edith and she came a few times. So a couple times the--I--the soldiers were standing in the--they didn't let nobody in because it was the typhoid hospital. So they took 'em in and that infected Edith and Irene and Irene was screaming like anything and uh, they took all the food. But most of the time they could come to the window and I gave it out. So then she met two boys who were from not far from Sobrance--your father-in-law, mother-in-law knows from where. They are from very wealthy Jewish families. They were evacuating on boats--on big ships from Germany. And the Germans uh, uh, you know, sank the three boats. It was up uh, Cap...Cap Arcona, Athena and Deutschland, three boats in the Atlantic Sea. And they were evacuating. So from all the thousands, hundred fifty came out. A few Yugoslavian and those two guys. They were very sick. Whoever wanted to go jump over the Germans ???. And those two ??? and ??? were their name, Edith told them that I am there in the hospital and they didn't get enough food. Nobody--they couldn't give so much food how much ???. So they came to the window and I gave them also. And I was there for five weeks in the hospital. I gained forty-five pounds. It was already July and all the people were going home to Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and they wouldn't let me out from the hospital because I still have temperature.

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