Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Anna Greenberger - August 24, 1982


When I went down to the kidney x-ray and there was the, that uh, radio...radio...radiology he started to speak to me German. I said to him, "Why everybody thinks here that I am German?" I said, "I don't want to be German and I am not." I said, "I am Jewish and I am from Czechoslovakia." I said, "Why are you speaking to me German? I don't want to speak--"oh uh, he uh, I said, "I was in concentration camp." So he says, oh his--he was in Europe during the war in army and he told me that whole life story that he saw people and he was already when they were liberating and how people looked and everything and uh, uh. So I said, "I understand. I can speak but I, I don't want to." I said, "I speak--I don't speak very well English but I speak more languages."

You speak English fine.

So uh, so uh yeah. I was sad a few times uh, from, in concentration camp. But then just because I didn't want him to slap my sister. That's why I was--and I had guts that I was pushing him away. And in Paraguay too, I talked to my ???. I said, "You Hitler-Jugend." I said, "You will scare me in Paraguay?" I said, "That is Paraguay, that is not Deutschland." I told him. I said, "I'm not afraid of you." I said, "What do you think?" I said, "You want to scare me now in 1955?" I said, "I was afraid of you once, but not anymore." He was shaking. He was a high uh, he was still un...unmarried. But I am sure he would have killed me if Sonya wouldn't be with me. I'm sure. When I was on the plane in Paraguay--I never forget. I thought God just wants, help us to go on. That's why I wouldn't go to Mexico--not to Mexico City. I don't want to see it. I, I don't want it. I, I will still... 69

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