Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Anna Greenberger - August 24, 1982

Talking to Dr. Mengele

So there was Mengele--you heard about him and uh, with uh, those German Shepard's and dogs and the--with the gun. And he took--grandmother they took right away, but my mother she was young and we were all strong--like I am my all sisters and my mother, also she was blonde. So they took my mother and older sister to the left side and three of us to the right side. And we knew already that it's something fishy. They made a special--we saw flames and screaming, but we didn't know about this. We, we didn't, you know, we were like dumb, stupid, I don't know. Uh, we heard already that they were screaming "I want to go to my mother," and "I want to go to my sister," and "I want..." but we didn't realize it. So Judy--she was like a--she was really--she saved us all. She went to Mengele and she said uh, in German, that we want to go with my mother and my sister. And he says, "Child you just go. They will come later and you will get eat, you will get bread, and you--" you know, with those stupid--they always--they made us so dumb. And she says, "No, we are not going, we want to die together." And he said--nobody believed it because he didn't even talk to nobody--and he says, "How old is your mother?" And uh, she was forty-four, and uh, Judy said, "Forty-two." And he says, "Can she run twelve kilometers?" And Judy said, "She can run twenty kilometers." So she--he says, "Okay," so let her back. So she came with Edith, so we were already together, five of us we was holding on together. From there we never saw our aunts and grand...never, nobody from the family.

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