Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Anna Greenberger - August 24, 1982


So then we heard that they are uh, choosing already people for working to out from Auschwitz--see because that was--Auschwitz was a death camp, and if you stayed in that camp you were everyday, uh, you could wait that they will kill you. Every morning we had to go out in two or three o'clock to Zähl...Zählappell. That's what, you know, they--five.


If we weren't careful that they took one, because the--it was hundred, then they said, "Abstand." That's hundred people. If they needed hundred people someplace, they took it. If it was ninety-nine and we were the next five, they took the fifth from other. So we always watched that we should be in the middle that they shouldn't separate us. We wanted to be always together. And at night was so cold and daytime was terrible. So, poor--my mother was standing always in the front that she should keep back the cold from everybody. You know, Irene was the youngest. Judy--who is in Czechoslovakia--she was so skinny, so we were always afraid that they take her to in crematorium, but they, they, they didn't care, you know. They looked uh, if you--they didn't like you they took you. So when they were choosing people already, so we were very anxious to go out from Auschwitz for the--we went and uh, we were very worried because my mother was crying always after my father. So, and we looked terrible anyhow.

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