Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Anna Greenberger - August 24, 1982

Getting Permission to Leave Paraguay


When he came out from the office, and I approached, and I, I excused myself and I said, "Please I have a very big favor to ask you." I said, "We have everything ready to United States and we have the tickets, everything. And we need one signature. Would you please do me a favor and sign this?" And he said, "Yes." But he didn't signed it right away. I looked for somebody else because the papers were on the bottom. I saw there in the office a girl who have patches on her breast and she didn't have teeth. It's horrible country and very revolutionary, very ??? revolution there. And I went to her and I said, "Señora or señorita..." I don't know uh, she wasn't married--I give you something. I said, "Will you do me a favor? That señor this and this," I said, "Promised me that he will sign it." I said, "Will you put my papers on the top and next day?" And she went, "Yeah." She did it. And we gave her the something, I don't remember. So he signed it. This se...man who arranged--yeah, they wanted to send us out from the country first because we weren't registered there. The visa was false for five hundred dollars. But because they saw that we are working and we are not black marketing, so they allowed. They did us a big favor. I wish they would have sent us off. They didn't have money to pay us tickets--the government. So they let us stay there. So that, that uh, his name was ???, a Jewish man uh, his wife, he was very nice to us. He arranged that they give us back the passports, because they didn't give us the passports back, because we weren't immigrants. He said, "Who gave you the visa? You're not uh, immigrants here and the whole business." His wife went to Argentina--she was from Argentina--and we invited him for supper. He loved good food and my mother was a very good cook too, and baker. And this one thing I tell you because that's the worst thing what happened to us after concentration camp.

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