Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Anna Greenberger - August 24, 1982

Germans Invade Sobrance

He went in labor camp?

He went in labor camp, yeah, and he never came back. He was thirty-nine years old. So we were home. The stores were taken--everything. We lived with my mother at home 'til the Hungarians occupied us. And we were under the Hungarians occupation 'til 1944--'til the Germans came in.


When the Germans came in, I almost passed out. I never forget that day 'til I live, because we knew what's going on, on because we lived two kilometers from the Slovak border. And the Slovak Jews were taken in 1942, right away when the Hlinka Guard and all the, you know, started there. There it started before--at least we were occupied with the Hungarians so we, we had that advantage that we were one year in concentration camp. The Slovak Jews were taken before us. We were home, the Germans came in and four girls and my mother--it was five women in the house and there were some collaborators who collaborated with the Germans and they wanted women. And they came in--the storm troopers in the black uniforms--and poor my mother--you can imagine, you have already a little girl--but she felt when they came in, all young. I--such--they didn't, didn't do nothing to us because we had neighbors. My mother told us they came in and they started right away, you know, the, they started that "You Jews and this and that." They were drinking and my mother was very frightened. So she told us we should go out slowly from the house, not all together. So we didn't know where to go. And I don't know how many were of them. They started right away to cook and, uh, you know, they took over the house and they knew it's no, no men in the house because uh, we knew the boys who brought them. We went to school with them.

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