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Lola Greenspan - April 25, 1983


Lola Greenspan was born in Myszków, Poland, where she lived with her parents and siblings until the start of the war. In 1940, she was taken to the transit camp in Sosnowiec for two months before being transported to Gabersdorf, a work camp in Czechoslovakia. She remained there as a worker until the Russian Army liberated the camp in August 1945. After the war, Lola moved back to Poland with her remaining sister, where she met her future husband. Soon after, Lola and her husband moved to Israel before moving to the United States in 1961.

  1. Introduction
  2. Family Life Before the War
  3. Germans Invade the City
  4. Being Taken by Germans
  5. Transport to Gabersdorf
  6. Visiting Sister in Parschnitz
  7. Working in Gabersdorf
  8. Punishment in Gabersdorf
  9. Making Friends with an English POW
  10. Fate of Family
  11. Fate of Family II
  12. Liberation
  13. Liberation II
  14. Sister is Liberated
  15. Returning to Poland
  16. Life in the Jewish Center
  17. Meeting Husband
  18. Getting Married
  19. Planning to go to Israel
  20. Husband Arrested
  21. Getting Passports to Israel
  22. Life in Israel
  23. Finding Sister
  24. Moving to the United States
  25. Losing Sister and Husband
  26. Children
  27. Life in Myszków Before the War
  28. Family Life Before the War
  29. Life During German Occupation
  30. The Judenrat
  31. Germans Begin Taking Family Members
  32. Moving into the Ghetto
  33. Not Knowing What Was Going to Happen
  34. Living Conditions on Train and in Camp
  35. SS Staff in Gabersdorf
  36. Life in Camp
  37. Getting a New Lagerfürher
  38. Getting Help from a German
  39. Returning to Poland II
  40. Visiting a Polish Neighbor
  41. Anti-Semitism After the War
  42. Life in the United States
  43. Conclusion

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