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Lola Greenspan - April 25, 1983

Getting a New Lagerfürher

And then the everybody was so, so--I'm so happy and she--but one weeks, two weeks she's--she went away and in coming the new one--the big, nice Czecha--she's from Czechen--the Lagerfürher. And she was so good, she lived together with us in the barracks, she got an office. And she were not girlfriends of director--you know the director got a wife, and she were a girlfriend and she was very good to us. And we talk with her and we said, "Frau Lagerfürher, she was so bad. She killed us." She said, "Don't worry. Now we gonna haved a good time," she said to us. Every Saturday, Friday she calls ??? it's Friday ??? is candlelight Saturday--is were good. She said, "I thinking going be changed something. Something going to be here changed," she said to us. We talk with her and say, "What can change?" "Here is coming SS the big shots and I been afraid. I don't want to maked with you something like before. I have to be strong, you understand? I ??? strong, you gonna stay," she say to us. She were very good. And then she said to us--is, is coming to girls she want to us--she treated us very, very good. We have to going to eat--the Lager...Lagerfürher, she were good. And a year later we got SS. SS coming and she don't talk to us--the German--the Lagerfürher she not gonna talk to us like before. When the SS coming is talk to Judenälteste. She have to show, show the girls how to make clean in the houses--in the barracks. We have to lay down in the floor, in the floor and, and scrubbed the floor...


...scrubbed the floor. One hour we have to scrubbed all the floor. You no could scrubbed in one hour, it was insane. Then the window, you have to wash the window--stand outside to inside. We don't have no time to go no places, just know, work, and work, and work. We working in the morning five o'clock in the ba...in the factory to six o'clock. We come back six o'clock, we got night shift from eight to four o'clock--she maked us.


Before we no gotted this. This she maked us. I'm working from four to six, eight to four. Oh I came home, I'm hungry.

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