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Lola Greenspan - April 25, 1983

Getting Married

...now he said, "Let's go married." We don't got a rabbi, we got nothing, just you can married you got a man--somebody uh, a religion man, and couple people--same peoples you can make it the marriage. Later I went in the, in the magistrate, you know the magistrate?

Yeah, that's like city hall.

City hall.


In city hall, in city hall I make marriage. City hall. I got married my husband, a nice man. He is were--he gotted the house before his father gotted a big store for the leather--the leather store. A beaut...beautiful--a factory. He then--my husband starts to worked, he starts to worked in the Reichenbach. He's got a salesman in the stores, and maked a little living, not too much. Later on my husband buys a big store for shoe--shoe store, and he got a big store and he start to selled shoes--buy shoes, selled shoes, we got the business. And we lived in a Germans house--beautiful house and the Jewish center get us--out the Germans from the houses and tooked the houses for the Jewish people. They got the Jews a beautiful, nice house, not uh, I pay rent. And we lived together--got married and lived together. Later on I got, uh, I had gotted uh, pregnant, maybe one year later. And I said--and my husband said, "We not gonna stay in Poland. Maybe, maybe we going back--we going to Israel." And not lega...we wanna go, go legal. We don't wanna go like everybody go pay money and go--I don't like this, my husband don't like. I got married with my husband and I finded one lady--find nice lady and now she's now in Toronto. She maked for us a little celebration. She maked a cake, we drink something in the house, you know, after the wedding maked a little celebration in the house.

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