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Lola Greenspan - April 25, 1983

Finding Sister

And this--yeah this time when I went in Poland, and my sister she went in Poland together, she got married, she went away from me. She went in Italy. She lived in Italy with her husband, she born a boy in Italy. She went in Italy maybe three years, three years. Later from Italy she left for Paris, she live in Paris. And I don't know this time where she is, nothing. She don't write to me, I don't write to my sister. And then when I went into Israel and I said now I'm going to start to looked for my sister. And I wanted her she come to Israel and I wanna see my sister. And my sister, this time she went in Paris, she went in Paris, and she born a girl in Paris--the same sister, this youngster.


And then sh...and then when we went in Israel and my husband said to me, "We not going no places, we gonna stay here in Israeli." The first, first months--couple months--couple of years--two years I went in the barracks. Later on my husband says, "You know, we not gonna maked now a house to buy for sa...it was to high in money and this, this and you know, that. We going in a kibbutz." I went in a kibbutz maybe one month--not too long--one month kibbutz. Later on my husband looked for a job. And I working for the summer ??? this is in Hebrews school--not school--I work--I waitress in the dining room.


I work in dining room maybe one year, two years. And my husband say, "I'm now I'm going to looked for"--we gotted money from the Germans--he said, "I'm now looked a little business for myself." He buy a little--a small business, is not too much money but everything is outside. You got--you know Israel? No you don't know Israeli.


You live and you gotted in Israeli in the ??? market outside uh, table with shoes. Yeah, a little business. ??? We got this business. I live in ??? and later on my husband said, "And I will make a little business and we got the money we gonna buy a better house and we gonna live in Tel Aviv, maybe Bat Yam." And then I said, "Okay, I'm so happy, so happy." Later on I finded one girlfriend from the camp, my sisters camp. She looked at me and said, "Lola, I think you got a sister in Parschnitz with m...she went together with me--Paulina." I said, "Yes." She said, "You know where she is?" I said, "No. I don't know, she went together after the war, I saw, I talk and now she--I don't know, she's gone away." She said, "You know she's in Paris? I give you the address." She gave me the address and I write letters and I write to the sister and she write a letter she sended me like a book. She said, "Lola I'm gonna maked to come to Israel too." And she wanna come to Israel and she's got small children and the boy were maybe six year old, the girl four years. And she said the girl--and she waiting in the Jewish center--the Jewish uh, welfare--not welfare--this is the uh, JOINT help the Jewish people to coming to the United States. She said, "Lola, I have to going to the United States. I'm registered. I have children, I have ??? When I came to the United States we gonna see. Maybe you gonna come here, maybe we going to Israel." I said, "No, my husband said no. I like to come here. My husband, no..."

[interruption in interview]

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