Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Lola Greenspan - April 25, 1983

Family Life Before the War

Okay, okay. Can you tell me about your life before the war?

Yeah before I got a mother, father, eight, uh, five sisters, three brothers. The rest family you want to know too? The mother's family? The sisters...

Sure, sure.

...yeah, everything. My mother she's got four sisters and one was a sis...and two brothers. My father's gotted three brothers and two sisters. And ???. And then I went in the house of my mother, I went in the school, I finished my Polish co...college school ??? degree, Polish. And then I do nothing in the house, just I went in the house with my mother. And then my mother she want to teach me eh, sew dresses and she send me to one lady in a shop and I'm start to teached, yeah. And I'm not finished, then when the, when the war start 1939 were a lot of Germans come into Poland. And I stop--the lady she not want to teach more and I stop. Then I got on my brother--the older brother went in Będzin lived in Będzin with a woman and got one child.

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