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Lola Greenspan - April 25, 1983

Fate of Family II

Just know the people after the war I went in Poland. I want to see Poland. I looked, I don't could find it nothing in the house as in Polish people live. And the Polish neighbor she said, "Oh, your father was shot here by the house and mother this." She tell me everything, the Polish people. And my sister--the older sister is--she went the ghetto. Is coming the police and contact the people, detain people to the war ???. And my sister was detained and she got a little boy. He want to drop the little boy and she want--she said, "I don't wanna give my baby." He said, "You don't want to give, you going dead." And my sister, "I don't care." He shoot my sister with the pregnant with the boy because she don't wanna give the boy. All the kids tooked in a big, big bus, he tooked away. And she don't want to gived the boy, she keeped the boy and she was shot. The people telled me everything, I don't know ??? in the house. And my father--my mother went Auschwitz, tooked Auschwitz. And the other sisters in the ghettos. I don't know what kind of ghettos but my--I know the youngster sister she went together with me, not too far. Now the other one sisters I don't know nothing. And then the police--even I came back after the war and I want to see the Poland and the people said, "Leah, you don't have see nothing to see. She has nothing, just nothing." And I got five girlfriends from the same camp and she went with me together with me with my sister everything, we wanna look at the houses, nobody's in the houses. And later on were ??? you know ??? the police--the bandit's rope killed the people, the girls is coming to the houses he kills in Poland--Sosnowiec, Będzin is coming the, the, the really bandits they set in Polish ??? in Polish. And this is coming to the girls and keep the girls. And the same day my sister said, "Lola, I don't want to stay here long, we going back to Sosnowiec." But after the war, and the war were finished, we went in Sosnowiec in a big Jewish komitet. We got from the Americans send us package. And we got everything ??? from here, from bread to clothing. And we went all together, together in a Jewish komitet, Jewish uh, center, Jewish center. Use--in Yiddish you use komitet...

Yeah, yeah.

...this is in English center. And then--see it hits me, hits me. I've been alone independently, I don't remember.


[interruption in interview]

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