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Lola Greenspan - April 25, 1983

Meeting Husband

Yeah. Later we went a little sim...uh, happy, we got lots of dancing in the center. We wanna make happy something a little. And get together girls together the tens with the boys, everything having a kibbutz. And I saw the mens coming, boys coming too, it was tent dancing. In come one man to me and asked me to dancing. And this man I got married.

Okay, I see.

And I got married. And not, not right away, just we start to asking questions.


And I said, "I been alone, I got sisters and this..." like everybody. He said, "The same with me, I got six brothers, a mother and a father." This boy, maybe this boy old--were nineteen, twenty years old. You know, nice boy. And then he said, "Lola I like with you haved..." It's not in Poland it's not like in here. You finded a boyfriend, you go out a restaurant, we not haved before this to go in a restaurant to eat something. This time you had bread, you had bread. And then we went in the cam...in the center he come into the rooms with us, he talk to us. We go a little for walk, we look at the windows. The food--everything is, "Oh Lola, I want to eat this, I want eat this, I want this." And then and the boy said to me, "I wanted--Lola, you, you going to be ready to married with me? I'm wanna married..." Everybody look at somebody, see? A friend, a man. And I say, "Why not? I want a married." I went seventeen I went, I went out maybe twenty-two, twenty three year old, I went out and said to me, "Yes, I want a married, I wanna maked a family, I no want to be alone." And then I start to him to going not too long, maybe three weeks, he coming to me, I'm coming to him, we go out. Nineteen forty six, we went in Sosnowiec, later on we went in Sosnowiec he said, "We going to Reichenbach Dzierżoniów." Maybe you know Reichenbach Dzierżoniów?


Is here Germans later on, the Hitler left, left--the king--the queen she left a beautiful palace, you know? Uh, how you say house?


This house, the Polish people tooked this away. And this belong, this is belong to the Polish--well the German, later Polish. All the Jewish people lived--is just not Jewish--live in this place Dzierżoniów, Reichenbach. In Engli...in, in German, Reichenbach, Polish Dzierżoniów. I lived in this place. In this place, the place we went in Sosnowiec and my husband said to me, "Lola, I don't want to stay here in this place, in komitet--in the Jewish center. It is not so comfortable as this, we're going to Reichenbach." This always Jewish--I don't know about this if he knows but all people is this he make everybody a good living, you know you selled this, you buyed this and this. And I said, "I don't wanna to be in Poland, I wanna go some..."

[interruption in interview]

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