Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Lola Greenspan - April 25, 1983

Transport to Gabersdorf

And then three months come in the police--the SS they want to take us the transport to the La...to the concen...to the camps working. And then we sat--we come into big trains like the animals--closed, nobody sit inside, nobody, just dark and dark. We going three--two months we not stop, no food, nothing, the people lay down around like this. And my sister she went in at the same time and I don't see my sister inside. I don't can see. Then two months--after two months we came to Sudeten, Sudeten is in--Gabersdorf in, in Czech...the same place the she ???


Same place, Gabersdorf. Then we went outside and they put outside every people, so many people and I see in the line my sister. And I stand up like this and I said in Yiddish "???" in Yiddish the name and she saw me, "Oh my sister!" and she wanted to go to me. And when I star...I step, I want to go to my sister, is coming two policemen--he beat me up. "Schwein Jude you wanna, you will..." I forgot what they said--I wanna--no, eh, I wanna run away from the, from the line? I said, "No this is my sister, I want to see my sister." He said, "There's not sisters, not brothers, not mothers, nothing. You have to go in this line from the right, left, right, left." Okay. And she stayed, she cried and I'm crying. She went one camp not to far from me and I went other one camp. She went Parschnitz and I went Gabersdorf.

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