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Lola Greenspan - April 25, 1983

Moving to the United States

...yeah and then we went in Israel, we live in Israel. And then my sister she writes me back a letter and I start to cry. And I said to my husband, "Leon..." Yeah, I'm, I'm pregnant in Israel, I'm pregnant there. I got a, a boy. And then he said to me, "Lola, see we gonna haved a baby. You haved a bo...a baby. We gonna stay in Israel. I don't like to leave to United States, I don't like. I know the United States is nice, is good but it's very hard working. It's not a good living with the rush, rush, rush going on." And I said, "No, no I like my sister and she don't wanna come and she wanna wait for this baby. She wanna wait for this and she wanna take me to the United States." And I start to cry and I say, "I wanna go." And he said, "Okay, you wanna go, we going. Just know, I don't like." And I maked him to going here. And then I came here to the United State.

When was that?

I went to the United State--I came 1961, 1961. And I said--and my husband said, "Lola, I don't like here." We got very hard time, too. He's working and I'm working very hard and stay up early and my husband never went but somebody place work and got home business every time and you could stay working by somebody. He say it's very hard the job and everything here is a rush with people going and going. Israel is nice. You can go out in the night and see people. It was a nice living in Israel. I said, "No, no. We came here." Came here and I stay here in Springfield, Massachusetts with my husband. I got a house--I buyed house and my husband got a little business. And then I said to my husband--and my husband say to me, "See, Lola? I've been nothing, nothing happy." I said, "You see you got a car, you got a house, you got a couple of dollars. In Israel you not got nothing." He said, "Lola, when you stay longer in Israel, you, you don't have to ??? This money you haved, you can make a living. That's all." But my husband not too much for this money--just want to make a nice living with first husband. And then we went--we came here and I got my sister. My sister she has the one ba...boy--he's twenty-ei...thirty-one years old. The boy is in Washington, he's an engineer for the airplane for the government. He got two daughters. And then my niece--twenty-seven--she's in Hartford. She work--she's a ??? in the, in the court. And she have the same two girls--two boys.

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