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Lola Greenspan - April 25, 1983

Anti-Semitism After the War

And I went in Sosnowiec--I came back, and I went back to Sosnowiec in the winter. I said I wanted to keeped the girls together. I don't wanna go someplace by myself. In Dąbrowa Górnicza I been afraid to going. But the girls said, "Don't go in this place because lot of anti-Semites."


When you--the people know the Jewish. When the people see Jewish they wanna kill you. Is were very bad after the war. They ??? you calling ??? they killed the poor people. Were two mens--two brothers--butchers--she fin...he finded from the sister a baby by the Polish family. Polish family tooked the baby and get the baby back to the brothers and the brothers pay a lot of money and she got the baby. The night the ??? come into the butcher shop in m...with masks and the butchers--two brothers, one uh, ask men, is working together three. He said, "All people to the wall." And he said the ???, "Oh you maked a joke from us? Why you say?" He said, "You been Jewish, we wanna, we wanna killed you." He said, "Oh, don't make jokes." The mens he don't could believe this, after the war? He said, "Looked, you wanted something take the money, take everything," said, "Why you wanna kill me?" He said, "Why you been Jewish?" He wanna kill three--two mens killed, the third he make special deck, he fall down in the, in the back and nobody know he's dead--everybody know he's dead. He left. Later on he's come up with make, um, uh, he call out the police. The police coming and find out this man and the man say, "I not can talk." He were very sick. He tooked to the hospital. And later on he start to talk-- the questions answer to the police what is happened. This is happen in Poland after the war.

Um, in Myszków about how many, how many of the Jewish population live there before the war?

How many? I think about five thousand.

Five thousand.

Half--a few thousand, four thousand, five thousand, I think so. I been not so sure.

That was before the war that lived there.

Before the war.

What about after the war? Do you know how many lived there...

After the war we no got Jewish, no Jewish, no, no Jewish. Just the Polish people. Nobody wanna going back. Yeah.

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