Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Lola Greenspan - April 25, 1983

Liberation II

He cut the wires and he come in the Germa...the England and he cut the wires. "Girls, everybody free. Everybody free." Then he starts to go out. We are afraid to go out. And they said, "Oh I think the SS here, the SS here." We so afraid. Then the Russians come in he said, "Girls you don't have to eat too much, not mi...not bread too much, just no milk or everybody going to be sick. You have hungry." You got not to eat nothing. You got just no soup, one soup and watery soup and one slice bread one d...for one, two weeks, one slice bread. You gotta just no meat--from horses meat. Yeah once nice--once a month. And I no could eat this, I give back. I give somebody for bread--I change for bread. And then, we go out and the, and the Russian said--the Russians come and said the restaurants and every places they tooked food they bring to us. They said "Not too much, just the milk." And then the Russians, the Russians say "We gonna see the Germans. We gonna looked for the Germans." The Russians going looked for the Germans. They finded the Germans hided in the, in the, I would say the ??? in the--like the grou...um...

A meadow?

No, no ??? you see this is like the faraway in the gardens someplace.

Oh, okay, okay.

Yeah, I don't know how say in English. In he finded lot of the ??? Germans. He killed the Germans. He tooked us--the Russian--in the towns we sit together, we go in together and he looked and finded. And then he said, "Girls you going this way. You going to see nothing." You know he didn't want to show us the shoot. We go away, he shoot a lot of ??? Germans, many Germans. And then, then he shoot the Germans then we start to eat--drink just the milk. Lot of girls start to eat like horses, it was so much and dead. I got so nice girlfriends. She was never ever sick and she dead. Maybe hundred, two hundred, three hundred dead, from the food, from the food, from the food. Was full up.

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