Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Lola Greenspan - April 25, 1983

SS Staff in Gabersdorf

...director. She cleaned she like a, like a housekeeping.


And she liked the girl ??? she gotted lot of eat good food. Everyone so jealous, everyone jealous, "Oh,??? you got so much to eat." Okay. She working year, years this time. Now this later on we gotted--we have to going outside of the ???, we make a work, we gotted the exercises. The beginning--maybe one year. We said--everybody girl said, "Lola, listen. Looked we haved here, a, a quilt, a beautiful quilt--nice." We have to go to the ???--nice, clean--we have to go to the showers. The rooms we have the cleanse--every Sunday we clean up the rooms. The rooms, the toilets, everybody, we not got free. And then, later on--and a year later is coming the SS and were they big cops, the big shots and he wanna ask--we don't have to go from here ??? alone. When you wanna going someplace to pick up the--I work, I stay working and I just going to pick up something, I said, "Frau ??? I can going?" I have to ge...she say, "Okay," and she go with me. "Frau ??? I wanna go into the, uh bathroom." "Okay, you can go." And she stay and she say five minutes, that's all. Were very strong. And later on we went very strong and later on we gotted a Judenälteste--the first--before the good one we got a bad.


She the name everybody gave you a name, ??? this is ??? special name is all. When she--when we have to going to the work she staying with a cat and he stank like the death. We wanna going and she looked this, the food, "How you working?" and she scraped and she got cat feces ??? And everybody--and then we jumped and we after this we coming back to the dining room for the little water. We have to stay in the line and she staying in like a cat, this with the, with the ???, a gun, she stay and she said, "I wants no ones to go in the line." And everybody's going, "Good, very good." And she's special, she taked and get the hats, "Give me the hats, give me the hats." And she "Right, right, left, right, left," she call out like this. And she cut the girls, she bit the girls--everybody complained. The girls said, "We not going working, we don't got to eat, we have to haved a little soup." She said, "Stop. No soups. No eat. Nothing."

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