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Lola Greenspan - April 25, 1983

Punishment in Gabersdorf

And then, when I worked in the, in the shop and I was a little girl, was nothing so higher. We got the machine, very big, very higher and I come--going so fast with the steps--if you got the England is working together with us. And working I have to go on the stairs and I'm going alone, alone so fast. Here is coming the SS and slapped me in the face, me in the face and she said, "Out...outside." And I said maybe I go outside she going kill me. I expect this every, every minute. And then I went outside and she wanted them to go to work, you don't have to work, you have to stay outside. She tooked me in the basement and she started to cut mine hair, I got long hair. This is punish. This is good, very like the O?więcim, Auschwitz. O?więcim A lot of people make something a punishes, ??? and cut with the hair. And two girls got with the same--three girls--my bestest friends. And she do something--I don't remember what she do--oh, she's stoleing a potato. Two girls stole a potato. And she bring me the potato, one potato and now we three eating it together. And the SS woman she see she eating something, the potato. She sent the same three girls in basement, and she's coming she take out--she don't cut like this, nice, so fast, and she cut the hair and we coming back. Not cutted nothing, later on she tooked us in the factory and she wanna show for the old people work inside what she do to us. Now I don't went ashame, who's ashame? And then the England has got good mens, very good mens, in the England one man he working together with me, he teach me for the work, and this men said "After the war--will be the end of the war, we gonna cut, shoot all Germans," England is. And later on, I got it a nice girlfriend, she's got beautiful hair she cut a little hair and she put me in here something like bag...

You mean like a bag? Yeah.

...bag and she put in a nice cup or something...


...like that and two or three weeks later I'm--no two days I'm work--I start to working.

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