Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Lola Greenspan - April 25, 1983

Life in the Jewish Center

Later is come open the Jewish center and the maked there the president and he tooked us the people to the Jewish center. Everybody couldn't go in the same place, were three Jewish pla...Jewish centers, this way, this way. We came to Sosnowiec and we sit in Sosnowiec maybe three months in this pla...in this center, Jewish center. Now everybody--couple girls together, see I got five girls, many, many people got three girls together--friends. And I tooked five girls together--then I were afraid to be alone--five girls together in the room. And the magi...the Jewish center got lot of rooms for the girls, like a hall, see like a hall. And food we got it from here, we have to say in the line for the food, we stay in line for the food so many hours. We couldn't haved the food in ???. Later, later on we went, we went in the ??? in this the mens, men--lot of mens no went together with us, men separated and they just separate in Jewish center and womens separated. Lot of girls have not marriage, just the single. And then later on we come together, we go and talk together and eat together. And I finded one man, he's ??? from Sosnowiec, one man, and this man he got a wife--no, not this man--yeah got a wife. This man he wanted married me. And I said, "I don't know." I did not ready feel like a married. And I asking him--he asking me the questions, like, what family I got. I said, "Nobody, one sister." He said, "I got a wife. And my wife I don't know if she's dead maybe." Then, "Oh if you got a wife, I been afraid. Maybe she's here, maybe she's coming, oh you'll find her." This is were true. She went Russia--the wife went Russia, she got married, he wanna married the ??? man. I don't wanna. In--she went Russia, she come back and she finded him a married man, he got married with other one lady. Then later, he wanna make divorce this lady, this lady, lady who married who you wanna He going back to the first wife.

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