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Lola Greenspan - April 25, 1983

Working in Gabersdorf

And then, okay, this when I went into the camp in the beginning was not so bad. I working in um, ???, I work in ???.


Is very bad job. The water that have--you have to make and the water do every thing, you know...

Describe it, describe it.

Describe it, describe, describe...

Yeah--no, describe to me what you did. Tell me what work was like...

Oh, oh, I gotta seam--I gotted material like this. It's coming like uh, snow. And I take out from the machine and put it in the, in the sacks--I just say sacks, and socks, yeah and put this--fill up, fill up.


I say the pick up, pick up this is my job. That's all. Yeah. And then later the Gest...Gestapo--the SS is coming to the houses--to the barracks and he maked to the girls fun. He took it out and say, today nobody going to the work, everyone ghettos going out of the ??? and we gonna stand in the line before we gonna have to walk very fast--run, run, in the barracks. And we no got shoe good, we got this--the whole shoe.


Yeah, and then we gonna run and run, we gonna fetch--I went ??? fast a nice girl--a strong--and we go and run and run and it's okay. Later--one hour later, run and going. Later we came back and he said "Everybody stay in the ??? we're going to make it an Appell and then we're going to put up the ??? with the numbers." Numbers like up here.


Just a something like, uh, like this kinda, like...


Okay like ??? and everybody said "The youngster right, the older--the not well old people--the olders go left." I went right. And everybody said "Well now you gonna shoot us--everybody." Not dress up, you had to dress up and everything, everything the dresses, pants, everything. And we got a Jewish Judenälteste, you know usually you did, she were a good girl and she dressed ??? to go like not with the pants, she dressed up the pants and come in the SS and he tooked the pants, dropped the pants and she get one here and one here...


...slapped. And then she start to cry and she not cry and she's uh, and she have to start like a running and the SS mens stand run around, around maked around in a cir...um...


Circle. Around circle. In that circle you have to go like this, with this or um, like...

Like a tag?

Like a tag, yeah.


You have to run fast. You have to stay strong like this, look, you look at the feet and legs, look at everything, you see ??? in there in the circle. And then he say, "Sign the name." Sign the name. He tooked us, he said "These girls go on this side, these girl this side." And later he tooked maybe three hours. It's freezing cold outside, so cold, in Czechen it's very cold. And the people--the girls said "No, now is not different, you wanna kill us, then kill us, okay?" We expect this...


...we expect this.

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