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Lola Greenspan - April 25, 1983

Losing Sister and Husband

And my sister last year--two years ago--she's fifty-four year old she got an aneurism in the head...


...and she passed away. She was a beautiful girl--I got the other pictures for her--is a beautiful girl and she passed away. I lost my all the family. Just have the niece and nephew and my brother in law. I don't have none--no with nothing. This, this is happened. And then with my sister-in-law, I lost my sister-in-law. And I--yeah and I went in Springfield and I went a widow--my husband passed away eight years, eight years. And then my husband passed away I went a widow. And I like to go to Israel back. You know, I--was very hard for me at the house. We got the car and everything--I don't drive, just my husband drive the car. And I got very hard living and I said--and, and later on I meet my husband and I got married with his husband. I been married with him four years, this husband.


I been not so happy with him. Never. He hurts me lot of things. He got a big family. He went in Russia, he don't know nothing from the war. He got a father and a mother--everybody. And I been alone every...alone. And sometimes is coming into my mind and I said, "Why I have to live here? Maybe I'm gonna maked decide something I'm wanna kill myself." I lost everything. I, I, I missed everything. I got one sister--every time she come to me, I go see her--just know my niece and nephews very close to me. I went in Washington. She come to my hotel and she kiss me and ??? the boy. "Is--why aren't you staying in the, in the hotel? You come to us." I'm going sometimes to visit here. It is nothing, she has her lives and ??? good husband. And my husband went in the camp the same. I got--he got the numbers and the picture and everything and my husband said to me every time the same, "Lola, listen, see in Israel is so nice time, the life so nice, you can go out, lot of friends, lot of people. It's beautiful." And see here I been not happy. And this bothered me why I maked him to move to United States. Yeah.

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