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Lola Greenspan - April 25, 1983

Planning to go to Israel

And then she said to us--the same--the girlfriend, she said, "Lola you know, we don't go live in Poland, I don't--I hate Poland. We going to Israel." I said, "You can't go to Israel, there's nothing in Israel now." She said, "Yes, you will see." If you live in Poland, maybe three, four years, Dzierżoniów got the business, working, I got lot of friends, very good. Later on, we listen in the papers is going to be open Israel for the Jewish people. Everybody to Warsaw, we going to Israel. And then my husband said to me, "Lola, you see? I tell you, we had the patience wait...waiting, they open the, the board... and we going to Israel." And then we came to Israel, we came to Warsaw and we start to maked out the passport. Warsaw the Polish is very bad for the Jewish people, is very bad. They make special--we gotted--ex...expect the passports ready, later on they said, "No you not can going now. You have to wait three months." Okay. Now we don't wanna get the passports. Later my husband went in the street--he walk in the street, is coming to him one, one friend. He said to him, to the friend, "Leon," my husband had the name, "Leon, please lend me a couple dollars I need a couple for--złoty, złoty." Poland. And my husband says, "Okay, I give you five złoty." Five złoty is like five dollars. "I give you five złoty." And give him this man, and this man is wa...is make business something with the dollars, you know in Poland, was very strength of dollars. You no can sell it, you no can buy it, you no can haved nothing.


And then you go haved and my husband he don't know nothing, he got business with my husband with this man. And later on is were a Polish--Jewish mans from the UB. Were all anti-Semite, not good--Jewish.


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