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Lola Greenspan - April 25, 1983

Husband Arrested

And my husband gave the monies, go away. And later this man is going around, you know in the UB and looked. Later is going to the police to get a report for ??? dollars, this and this. When you buy dollars can right away shoot you by dollars. I tell you I got many, many troubles. And then this polic...that boy--the police said--yeah nothing. My husband is come back to the house, I went in the house and the friend go away. In the night we have to go to see the movie and my husband said, "Maybe we going in nine o clock to the movie." And I said, "Okay we going." Is eight o clock and I go out with my husband and I went in the movie and I came back and my neighbors say, "Lola, we see three policeman from the UB looking for your husband." I said, "For what?" "I don't know. He left a note saying he have to come to UB I say, "I'm going with you." He said, "Okay." And I'm going with my husband to UB and he push me away, I not can going. In Poland is like Russia, you don't know where you going. They taked you to the jail, you don't know what kind of jail, you know nothing. And I'm crying, so crying and I said, "Listen, I got ??? in the concentration camp, and now I got married and I'm been a little happy with my husband and now this, this happen, in Poland." And then he went in the UB, they arrest him, he sit in UB. And later on the next day, I got good friends from the UB is before in--not in UB just in the city, were good friend and is going to the UB were bad mens. And I talk with the mens, I say, "You know my husband, you know me. Tell me where's my husband?" He said, "You don't have to know." He were afraid to talk to me--doesn't want to tell me. He said, "All right, is dollars this." Later on, I said, the people is coming to my house--my neighbors--say, "Lola, what is the matter with your husband?" I said, "I don't see, I came from the camp. I got now trouble this and this." And the police in the Poland is not like the here. The police have the rights to coming in the houses...


...here a police not coming into the houses. And the police--five police and I went packed everything to go away to Israel--I wanna go to Israel--we registered for the Israel, and just now we're waiting for the passport. I went packed. In come five policemen and the neighbors come in. He heard the neighbors say, "You no can go out." When you coming in the house with the police you no can go out, you have to stay and the neighbors stay. He said, "Mrs. ??? you gotta something uh, dollars?" In Poland is a name ??? is dollars...


...a ???. And I said, "I don't have nothing." And I got, I got a couple dollars. And I tooked the ??? here, see? And I keeped here, don't ask me ??? my husband. And I said, "No I have nothing." He said, "You have--I have to see everything." And I said--I got a, a Jewish kielbasa, not Polish, a Jewish kielbasa and he pried, he pried pieces...

Pieces, yeah.

...you know I keeped these dollars inside. Oh so smart with the people Polish. And I don't got nothing hided, nothing. And when I said, "I wanna see my husband. I don't wanna nothing, I wanna see my husband."

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