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Lola Greenspan - April 25, 1983

Making Friends with an English POW

And the England he stay by me and we don't could talk nothing. Before we talk, later the SS stand by you and she look at who you talk and who you do everything. If you have to go to the ladies room you have to ask her, "I please I could go to the ladies room?" And she just say "One minute." One minute you really you can do nothing one minute. And she stayed by the toilet, she stayed by the ladies room. And then the England, uh, she's coming she, "Schwein Jude ???," and she said "Don't have to covered nothing." And the England is staying and said, "Leah," he said to me, "Leah, don't worry. When's coming the end you gonna see that the end is going to be with these people, with the Germans." He bring me sometime bread, cookies, cigarettes, that man. And when before when the SS not went we got a good time. Just know later the SS watched us, stay with us, not could do, nothing do. And then she said to me, "When next time we gonna see something for you and you gonna make something--you gonna punish, you gonna be death in Auschwitz." I went so afraid. And then it's finished with everything. And my sis...and I got in a house with the mother, with the sister in the beginning the--you got an Appell, you come send the letters to the committee. And we got back the answer, the answer supposed to be back in the--by the co... by the, by the director.


Your letter supposed to be by the director, you have to expect it so he see, see everything. And then my mother she--my sister, she sended me a letter. She not can say nothing, you see, it's really okay fine. She put me a picture--my picture--I went in a kibbutz--you know kibbutz, Yiddish kibbutz?

Sure, sure.

I went a--I got the picture, the kibbutz picture. And I went a little girl in the pictures. And she I don't ask about the picture. She says she gonna sended me. She sended me this picture and I got this picture. And she signed the name, she--the name Lo...??? And the Yiddish name ???. And she don't say nothing.

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