Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Lola Greenspan - April 25, 1983


Um, did you--when you first came here, did you ever talk to people about what happened to you


...during the war?

From the war? Yes, yes, I talk, yeah. My girlfriends asking me lot of--and I got American girls, even can't believe this, the girls. And I talk, I got the picture from the Lager--from the camps when I went in camp and came out and showed the pictures said, "You look at the difference in the picture and now." Not now, I been older, you know. And then sh...and I talk to the girls, I went to the camp, I got this and this, and my husband, how I meet my husband. I talk everything to the girls, yeah, yeah.

Does your son know about the camps?

My s...that's right. I talk everyday to him, everyday about it, little by little. He said, "Mom, I believe you, you gotted a bad time." I couldn't bel...is were a very smart boy--seven year old. Said, "Mom, is never happen to where we going now. I believe this, Mom. I been a big boy I wanna go camp in the underground and kill the peo...the Germans," he said to me every time talk to me. Is too bad. He got an accident...


...he got a motorcycle, is wanna going to New York and Dela...Delaware he got an accident and passed away. Yeah, now I no haved kids, nobody.

Yeah. What relatives do you have? You had--said you have a cousin, a first cousin in Israel?

I got first cousin, David, the same name...

Yeah, yeah.

...???. Is in Bat Yan. He got a wife and three children.


This man is went in a--by a priest. Priest keeped him from a baby to thirteen year old, thirteen year old. Yeah. He is went in a transport the same with the family...

Mm-hm, mm-hm.

...brothers and mother. And he jumped out from the--like I went in this--he jumped away and he went in a priest in a, in a, a priest in a Christian uh, church, a church. He got ??? yeah.

Uh-huh. Okay. Um, do you ever have nightmares about what happened to you?


Do you ever have nightmares? Bad dreams? Bad dreams about...

Bad dreams? Oh yes, I got every time. I got a dream a couple yea...last year before, before my husband passed away and I wake up, I crying in bed and I said the Germans coming to the, to the barracks and say I taked the, the covers and he said, "Get up, Jude, Jude Schwein." And I were afraid ??? and my husband said, "Lola, Lola what's the matter with you?" And I said--I not could talk. He said, "Don't worry, don't think about this, nothing." I said, "I no thinking, it's coming to my mind." And I saw my mother, I saw my sisters and all the family I see. Yeah, now it stopped.


Now sometimes when I been alone in the house and I lay, lay down and I thinking about this. What is happening the beginning? Why was I so dumb? I have to fight the Germans. When I been a young girl I didn't care to do, like seventeen I been big girl, I wanna go ??? I wanna do something.

Sure, sure. Um, do you have anything else that you'd like to add--that you'd like to say that we haven't talked about?

When you asking me I couldn't tell you and I don't know what I can talk to you, yeah.

Yeah. Okay, okay. All right. Well, thank you very, very much.

Yeah, okay, you're welcome.

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