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Lola Greenspan - April 25, 1983

Getting Passports to Israel

Well you know why he make trouble? Well the Polish know we have to going to Israel and he make special for the Jewish people trouble not to going to Israel--were Communist. And one, one man is Communist in the UB. He got him a record for the Jewish people, old people, nobody have to go right to Israel, you see? All the people say, "You doing what you wanna, we wanna go to Israel." I been Jewish. I like Israel. He said, "Nobody..." He make sombo...some...I don't know who make trouble in the counsels. We not gonna haved the passports. We got the passports, later on he said, "No, you have to wait three months."


We wanna get the passports and the visa--nothing. And then the po...the um, yeah my husband is went the police, is went arrest. Later we got a court, and we got a court and my husband were free. Went free--I got a picture from him when he went free from the camp, and I got all the pictures from him. And then, I wented free and then, and he said, "Lola, you know, now I don't wanted nothing from Poland. I don't wanted diamonds, I don't wanted many--money, nothing. We going to Israel." I said, "We don't haved the passports, what we haved to do?" And he said, "I'm going to Warsaw, and I going to start to talk in Warsaw." He said--in Warsaw, in Poland, he said he wanted the passport. He said, "You come two weeks." Every time he said, two weeks, three months, months, special. And then my husband said, "Okay, I'm coming two weeks." He go in two weeks and he gotted the passport. We went 1957 from Poland to Israel. And my husband said, "God ??? God. I want to eat bread and salt in ??? in Israel." And then we went in Israel.

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