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Lola Greenspan - April 25, 1983

Visiting Sister in Parschnitz

Then I don't saw my sister couple years, maybe one years I don't see my--later when I was in the camp, the Germans--they had a good camp, not was so bad the beginning. In the Jud...the director from the Lag...from the concentration camps were Jewish men, very good Czech, very good men. He said, "Girls, you gonna have it a good time, you gonna have it working, you stay working, nobody bother you, going to be fine." Was a very nice. I went and later on I went in the room--in the, in the barracks--there went maybe three hundred, four hundred people in the barracks maybe a couple more, more, more. And then I see--I talk to my girls and said, "Oh I got my sister near, I don't know where, I want to go see my sister." And she said, "You're not going to go no places." Okay. And then when I went in the, in the barrack in my--the, the girlfriend said so me, "Lola, you know, I know about this. Maybe in two, three months you gonna visit Parschnitz." My sister in Parschnitz. "You gonna visit Parschnitz is the doctor, dentist, dentist, you will say you have bad teeth, your stomach--maybe you, you can go take to the doctor special." And this a lot is true, you know one time I got my period and I was very, very cramps and I said to my, my, uh, Lagerfürher and I said "I have cramps in my stomach, I been sick." She said, "Next week will be a transport of fifty four girls going to the doctors checkup, you going too." The same place as my sister. Oh I'm so, I'm so, uh...


...happy. And then I went to Parschnitz by my sister--I couldn't go and see my to my sister to visit, she not gonna come to mine to visit. I came see my sister and she hugged me and kissed me and "My sister, my sister, where's ???, where's ??? where's..." and she called the names of my sisters and brothers.


And I said "Don't cry, don't..." She saw a baby, ??? I got the picture, you gonna see the picture. Beautiful girl. And then I said, "Paulina, don't cry. So many people keep going out, we're not going to stay here long in the camp, we going and maybe one year we be going back to the houses and we go find it the mother..." She says, "Oh I don't know about the mother, I don't know about the father and the sisters and the brothers." And I said, "Don't worry we don't know nothing because in Poland is." And then we went into the camp and she talked to me like with this and I visit later on I went one hour my sister and I talk. And Lager...this is the Lagerfürher--you know like, I--you saw it in English--and she said to me, "No, now is enough. Next time when you want to go you come visit your sister, your sister not coming to you." I say, "Okay." I say "Okay," and I wanna going. And she going shopping, the Lagerfürher for the Jewish people--for the cook. And she got a couple, couple girls together to go together shopping and I said "Mrs. Lagerfürher I like to go, too." And said, "Okay, next time you going." Same place my sister is. She take me and I saw my sister.

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