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Lola Greenspan - April 25, 1983

Life in the United States

Um, and then you went to Israel after Poland, right?

To Is...yeah, after...

Your son was born in Israel.

My son is born in Israel, yeah.

And that's your only child?

That's my own child, yeah.

Okay, okay.

I was pregnant in Poland just know I got a, a miscarry, you know? And I got marriage and I got in Israel my son.

Yeah, yeah. And then when you moved here did you become a citizen?

Yes. I came here, I lived the beginning by my sisters house, two weeks. Later on I--we buy a little house, we lived in Springfield, Massachusetts and I got um, and I work by the Holiday Inn restaurant...


...yeah, work before in the kitchen, help in the kitchen. Later I went waitress in dining room. And then the beginning I work in a shop dressing and I sold buttons and this were close the shop. And I have to looked for a job, a new job and I working the Holiday Inn. I got it different here from the Holiday Inn and I work for eight, nine years.


And my husband work in the Jewish nursing home, is were a manager, a manager, yeah. He's a ??? a manager, yeah a big shot. He work in this place for ten years, eleven years and later on he got heart attack, quit the job, is was 57 year old and is passed away. He quit--he no could--the doctor said he don't could work more and I had quit my job, too. And my son is went to school, went in the school and I quit my job and I have stay with my husband in the house. And my husband got first attacks, is were in hospital for three weeks, intensive care. Later is come back, a months later, two months later got second, is were four weeks. The third time is passed away, yeah. He passed away about 57 year old, yeah, it was.

Um, when you first came here, how did you feel about the United States?

I'm feeling very bad here, very bad. But I saw difference people and I see difference Israeli people. Israeli sisters, brothers. I went four times visit, I'm going in year and year and I went up the Holocaust in Israel with this husband. And I got many, many friends and my first husband got cousins in Israel and I got my first cousin, David, the name, is the Bat Yan. Is this man have--you have to ??? him records, he could tell you stories from him. Is very--you wanna know him too?


No, no, no, no. Just know, just know he is cousin and this I'm going to Israel. When I'm going to Israel I'm been so different from life here. And here is very--lotta the SS's, the Gestapo's too--many. I went last year in park and saw is coming lotta the SS--when I see SS um, my heart beat me, it beat me. I, I hate, I hate the Polack and hate this everything the Germans. Yeah, I hate the Germans.

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