Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Lola Greenspan - April 25, 1983

Being Taken by Germans

And then later on in 1940 is the, is--I went in the street, I walk in the street and I got my--the white on ???..


Yeah, and I walk in the street. Is coming the police, and the police German and he look at me and said "Come on with me." "Okay," and I was afraid and I said, "I have to go to my mother, I want to talk to my mother. I'm going." He said "Don't--no, you don't have to go, come on, come on, come on, come on, schnell, schnell, schnell, machen." Yeah. And then he tooked me in custody from Myszków to Sosnowiec. Is were a big, big hall, I--had all the old people together. You understand? The old people took together in one hall.


This is was--this is calling in the He--in the Jewish, uh, I forgot in the Jewish what you're calling this every people together. ???.


Yeah, you have to know this. In this you sit and lay there and you took it maked the um, export--send back the people to the camps, this and this and this. And I went the first from my house and the--nobody went just my sister--the older one--she married and lived in Częstochowa, one brother in Sosnowiec, and one brother in Będzin and the peoples not with the men. Now the rest of the kids were in the house with my mother. And I went the first and I'm the youngs...and later on the men make an Appell every Jewish people have to be ??? have to be hired and somebody going to be hired come into the police, the want to shot the family. My father went, "Is the Frau afraid?" and my mother said "Just go bring Pauline back." He's going to the Polish people to bring the sister back and she went in the house. And later when the police tooked me, to do the port--the report--to the um, transport...


...back they said three months in the Sosnowiec--the big hall. They waiting for people, they picked the people--grown people, no. And then, and then I went and later on I see my older sister--youngster sister and she went together with me in this place. Yeah I could talk, she talked to me, now everybody lay down on the floor--we not got beds, just on the floor. Not to eat to much, nothing.

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