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Simon Goldman - June 6, 2003


Simon Goldman was born in Łódź, Poland. He had three brothers and one sister. His father owned a moving business while his mother stayed at home. Shortly after the German occupation of Łódź, his mother passed away and his father moved the family to a small town near Czestochowa, Poland. There the family moved into a relative's house. Simon and his brother worked in a bakery. Simon passed himself off as a Polish orphan to obtain work at a farm where he stayed incognito for the duration of the war in 1942. After the war he went back to Łódź looking for his brother and other family in 1945. After getting into trouble by the police for being involved with the black market in Łódź, Simon decided to go to Linz, Austria to find his other cousin. After being detained for not having papers he made it to Linz on Yom Kippur day and found his cousin at the DP Camp. He eventually became arrested by the CIA for being involved in another black market in the DP Camp but was released after thirty days. After that he registered with the U.S. Committee to move to America. Simon was sent to New York in December 1946 and then the Jewish Health System eventually set him up with a family in Detroit.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Family
  3. Family Life Before War
  4. Life in Łódź
  5. Anti-Semitism
  6. Start of War
  7. German Occupation
  8. Moving to a smaller town
  9. Life in a new town
  10. Surviving
  11. Help from Polish Farmers
  12. Brother Goes to Germany
  13. Knowledge of Ghetto
  14. Pretending to be Polish
  15. Life on Polish Farm
  16. Seeing a concentration camp
  17. Liberation of Poland
  18. Fear of being exposed as a Jew
  19. News of War on Farm
  20. Almost being exposed as a Jew
  21. Going back to Łódź
  22. Black market in Łódź
  23. After the War
  24. Looking for family
  25. Traveling to Czechoslovakia and Austria
  26. Being detained after the war
  27. Finding cousin in Linz
  28. Searching for sister
  29. Registering to move to U.S.
  30. Run in with CIA
  31. Moving to United States
  32. Adjusting to American life
  33. Jewish Family Services
  34. Bad experience in cheder [interruption in interview]
  35. Memories
  36. Sharing story
  37. Visiting Holocaust Museum

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